New Bracelet Can Monitor and Manage Diabetes

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Diabetes Breakthrough: New Bracelet Monitors the Disease

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A revolutionary bracelet may help Albuquerque home caregivers better care for seniors with diabetes. Scientists at the Center for Nanoparticle Research of IBS (Institute for Basic Science) in South Korea have devised a bracelet that both monitors and treats diabetes. It uses both a serpentine-shape gold mesh and gold-doped graphene to measure the amount of glucose in the individual’s sweat. Since the glucose sensor is affected by temperature and pH (acidity levels in the blood), the bracelet measures both and uses those levels to correct the glucose measurements.

The bracelet is equipped with microneedles loaded with an insulin drug such as Metformin. If the bracelet detects abnormally high levels of glucose, it activates the microneedles that promptly administer an injection to the wearer. Past diabetes treatments have been painful, expensive and inconvenient because they involve multiples shots and many trips to the doctor. The IBS bracelet is a painless and convenient alternative that allows diabetics to function normally.

It is not, however, the first monitoring bracelet in existence. InTouch, which was developed in 2012, might have that honor. Its makers had children in mind. Diabetics not only have to inoculate themselves with insulin, they also have to prick themselves to check their glucose levels several times a day. This is hard enough on adults, but it’s even worse for children. The InTouch bracelet monitors the child’s glucose levels and has a clasp that prevents it from falling off. It does not, however, have any way of painlessly delivering insulin to the patient.

SubScope is a new monitoring device. It’s aimed at athletes with diabetes and allows them to keep tabs on their glucose levels while they exercise. It has three parts: an implant that inserts into the patient’s arm and monitors their blood, a cool-looking watch that displays the information, and an app for the patient’s smartphone. Again, it doesn’t have a delivery system for medication. This means that the researchers at IBS might be the first to devise a gadget that both monitors the patient’s condition and administers treatment.

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