Fun Gifts from the Heart that Seniors will Love

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Great Holiday Gifts for Seniors

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Shopping for a senior loved one can pose a few challenges. Not only do many seniors seem to have everything they need, but your aging loved one may also have special health needs to be taken into consideration. This year, show your parent or grandparent how much they mean by giving them one of these gifts, which will offer an unexpected surprise that comes straight from the heart!

  • Tablet or iPad – Today’s seniors are increasingly technologically-savvy, and a tablet computer can offer many benefits to those who enjoy online entertainment. From playing games to catching up on the news, your elderly loved one will appreciate having everything they need at the touch of their fingertips. This gift also makes it easier for seniors to keep in friends and family through video chats and messages.
  • Video Game Console – Video games are no longer just for kids, and many seniors are taking advantage of new consoles that offer the option of motion-activated controllers to increase activity. Whether your aging loved ones are into active sports such as bowling or prefer a game based upon strategy, this gift will offer many hours of enjoyment, and even the youngest members of the family can join in! If your aging loved one might need someone to enjoy their new gaming console with during the year, consider a companion caregiver. Click here for more information on professional and compassionate caregivers in Albuquerque.
  • Lighted Slippers – If your senior loved one seems to have everything, then this is one gift that they will not know to ask for but will likely use on a daily basis. Lighted slippers offer the comfort of non-skid indoor footwear while adding an additional element of safety by lighting their way as they move about their house at night. With lighted slippers, you are not only able to give a fun gift, but a practical one too.
  • Personal Amplifier – As a person ages, hearing loss can interfere with their enjoyment of their favorite activities. If your senior loved one has trouble when listening their favorite tunes or talking on the phone, consider adding a personal amplifier to their gift list. With only a touch of a button, your senior loved one can augment the sounds around them so they can take part and enjoy their favorite activities once again.

For senior gift-giving, it is often necessary to think outside the box to find the perfect item to surprise your loved one. This year, Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque encourages families to give a gift that will promote better physical and emotional health. Not only will your gift help enhance the life of your aging loved one, it will add a unique twist that shows you take notice of their favorite activities!

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