How a Dementia App Boosts Elderly Memory

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How a Dementia App Boosts Senior Memory

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A group of graduate students from Cornell University created a multi-functional smartphone app that helps seniors with memory disorders connect with loved ones and dementia caregivers in Albuquerque. In addition to jogging memory, the app is also designed to boost the quality of life for seniors with dementia. 

Remember Me Inspiration

Each member of the Cornell University graduate school team is acquainted with or related to someone who has dementia. While developing the app, the team also interviewed their loved ones and their loved one’s caregivers to better understand the disorder. What they learned inspired useful features that benefit not only seniors, but also their family members and caregivers.

Network of Memories

People use short and long-term memory to recall innumerable amounts of information throughout their lifetime. Events begin in the short-term category and may move to long-term based on relevance, repetition of information and other factors. Each memory depends on a series of interconnected bits of information based on emotional status, persons involved, location and time of events along with visual cues. Triggering certain bits of data stimulates the brain to bring forth various memories. These concepts are what make the Remember Me app useful.

App Functions

The program comes equipped with GPS tracking that sends an alert to seniors when a member of their network is close by. The app additionally reminds seniors what significance the individual has to them in terms of relationship by presenting an image slideshow. Remember Me provides similar information when a dementia patient receives a phone call or a text message. Information concerning stored conversations and life topics also enable elderly adults to engage in relevant conversations with others.

Conversely, family members and dementia or Albuquerque Alzheimer’s caregivers can monitor the activities and whereabouts of affected seniors using the same GPS tracking system on the app. Caregivers or loved ones might also use the app to send alerts to seniors that remind them to take scheduled medications or contact other family members. The group also plans on upgrading the program capabilities by adding language recognition and processing tools that will predict how a dementia patient might respond. 

In addition to downloading this revolutionary app, family members can also turn to Home Care Assistance for help looking after a loved one with memory disorders like dementia. We are a trusted provider of both Alzheimer’s and dementia home care Albuquerque that promotes cognitive stimulation, emotional support, independence, and self-esteem. In this way, we help seniors achieve the emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing they deserve. Call 505-798-0800 today to learn more about our memory care services and schedule a free consultation.

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