Top 5 Summer Games for Seniors to Play Outside

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5 Fun Outdoor Games for Seniors to Enjoy This Summer

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Summer is one of the times that people enjoy being outdoors the most due to warm weather and the chance to get some fresh air. One of the best things caregivers can do with their senior loved one is to get them involved in outdoor activities or games. Here are a few fun suggestions your loved one may enjoy this summer. 

1. Beanbag or Ring Toss

Just like at the fair or carnival, Albuquerque elder care providers can set up bottles for a ring toss or a board for a beanbag toss. These games can usually be purchased online for an affordable price. Get your senior loved one together with some friends and encourage them to try and beat each other’s high scores. One great thing about these types of games is that they help improve your senior loved one’s hand-eye coordination and dexterity. 

2. Water Balloon Toss

If it’s a particularly hot day, organize a water balloon toss with your senior loved one. You might be surprised to find that he or she is very welcome to the idea of getting wet and probably getting you wet as well. In addition to keeping your loved one cool, a water balloon toss is a low-impact game that encourages seniors to work out their arm strength.

3. Catch 

Playing catch with a softball, baseball, or even a whiffle ball is a quintessential summer pastime. Your senior loved one might have fond memories of going out to play catch as a kid and might enjoy playing again with you. Be sure to gauge your senior loved one’s abilities and choose equipment accordingly. Active seniors in good health can likely manage a softball and a catcher’s mitt. Seniors who are frailer might need to use a lighter whiffle ball and throw underhanded tosses. 

4. Croquet 

This popular summertime game isn’t new. In fact, your senior loved one may have played before. That said it has probably been a while since your loved one had a chance to enjoy a game of croquet. This leisurely game gives seniors many opportunities to rest if and when they get tired. The game allows for multiple players, too, so you can join in and can even invite your senior loved one’s friends to play. 

5. Badminton 

Though this game requires a little bit of setup, it’s fun for participants of all ages. If you don’t have a set, you can usually rent or buy one online. Your senior loved one will benefit from the upper body exercise after playing a game of badminton. Likewise, the birdie is a lot softer than a tennis ball, meaning your senior loved one can invite grandkids to join in and won’t have to worry about being afraid of the ball. In addition to improving your senior loved one’s upper body strength, he or she will also exercise his or her hand-eye coordination. 

Games are important for seniors to exercise their social skills and get a little physical activity each day. Boost your loved one’s physical and emotional wellbeing with help from Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque. We provide live-in and hourly home care Albuquerque families can trust to offer seniors the emotional support, physical assistance, and social stimulation they need to thrive during their golden years. Call a friendly Care Manager today at 505-798-0800 to set up a free consultation.

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