5 Resolutions for Stroke Survivors

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New Year’s Resolution for Senior Stroke Survivors

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As a survivor of a stroke, you may find life a bit more challenging, especially if your stroke affected your mobility, speech, vision, or other areas of your life. While recovery will undoubtedly be trying at times, making resolutions will help you stay focused on achieving your goals. 

1. Create or update your estate plan.

Experiencing a major illness often leaves us wondering about the people we will leave behind. Your estate plan also consists of a medical power of attorney and durable general power of attorney. These documents allow you to choose someone to make decisions on your behalf if you do not have the mental capacity to do so. 

2. Resolve to continue your rehabilitation plan.

Meet with your physical or occupational therapist to discuss goals she or he has for your recovery. Make the goals you set in treatment your resolutions and seek help from a post-stroke care provider in Albuquerque to ensure you meet them. If you start your goals in January, you can use major holidays as milestones. For example, you can say: By Mother’s Day, I will climb a flight of stairs independently. 

3. Eat Better.

Many people strive to loose weight as a New Year’s resolution. Following a stroke, your doctor will review your overall health and give you recommendations to improve your heart health, as stroke is related to high blood pressure and heart disease. You can come up with a resolution such as: I will eat a vegetable or fruit with two of my three meals. As an older adult, eating essential nutrients and vitamins will strengthen your immune system and your body, making it easier to adapt with the changes aging brings. 

4. Connect with family or friends.

Even in retirement, life can get busy. During your recovery, you may have had a chance to reconnect with family and friends who contacted you during your stroke recovery. As you incorporate your typical activities back into your life, including time to connect with relatives or friends will enrich your life by strengthening your support system. 

5. Try new activities.

If your stroke has changed your ability to do certain things, you may miss doing activities you once enjoyed. For example, if you enjoyed painting, but a stroke affected your ability to do fine motor activities, consider joining a book club or getting together with friends to visit an art museum. If you enjoyed hiking, but cannot navigate uneven terrain, dipping into a swimming club may be an alternative activity. Talk to your doctor and therapists about activities you can do that will help you maintain your recovery as well as provide social interaction. 

If your aging parent or relative has experienced a stroke, ensure he or she has the support necessary for a safe and efficient recovery by reaching out to Home Care Assistance at 505-798-0800. We provide comprehensive elder care in Albuquerque, and our dedicated caregivers can help with everything from running errands to rehabilitation exercises. Call us today. We are here to help.

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