Is Stroke Risk Increased by Daylight Savings Time?

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Does Daylight Savings Time Increase Stroke Risk?

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Daylight savings time is often critiqued because it causes confusing time changes that typically interfere with our daily schedules. Thanks to new studies, seniors and Albuquerque stroke caregivers may have a new reason to dislike the time change. Researchers have found that the time change can negatively affect health, especially for seniors. According to a study lead by Dr. Jori Ruuskanen in Finland, moving the clock forward or backwards one hour increases the likelihood of a senior having a stroke.

Ischemic Stroke Risk Increases

The researchers examined the stroke rates of over 14,000 people who were hospitalized during the two weeks before and after daylight savings time changes in Finland for several years. They realized that the amount of people having strokes was eight percent higher during the two days after the time change. The type of stroke that people were more likely to have was an ischemic stroke, which is caused by a clot that blocks the blood stream and prevents blood from reaching parts of the brain. Ischemic strokes have previously been linked to a lack of sleep, which is why Finnish researchers theorize that the sleep disturbances caused by time changes increase ischemic stroke risk.

Certain Demographics More Likely to be Affected

The chance of having a stroke right after a time change was higher for three separate groups of participants in the study. Overall, women had a higher jump in stroke occurrence than men right after the time change. Cancer patients were more likely to have strokes, possibly because their sleep patterns were already disturbed to begin with. Participants who were over the age of 65 also had higher increases in stroke rates than the average person, and this increase carried over to the second day after the time transition. Therefore, it is particularly important for women over the age of 65 to try to regulate their sleep cycles during a time change transition. If your loved one has already had a stroke and has live-in Albuquerque home care, his or her caregiver can help establish a healthy sleep schedule to stave off recurrence of stroke.

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