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We Employ The Best Caregivers!

Albuquerque Home Care Assistance employs over 100 dedicated, professional and compassionate Caregivers. We take great pride in hiring the best Caregivers in the industry. Our rigorous Caregiver screening process enables us to choose the most skilled and qualified Caregivers in Albuquerque. We are proud to present some of our passionate and experienced Caregivers below who have dedicated their time and energy to serving our clients.

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Sandra H.Caregiver: Sandra H.

Sandy is patient and caring. Willing to stay with the client who is just not wanting to be alone. Always helpful and will go that extra mile. Sandy’s strength is her desire to make those she is taking care of feel comfortable. Her smile and dedication make her an asset to any client she takes care of. Once Sandy has worked a shift for a client odds are the client will ask to keep her permanent. Sandy brings a strong level of companionship experience to HCA which makes her the ideal caregiver for the client who is looking for more than just someone to care for them. Most clients who Sandy has cared for all say she seems like family!

Cynthia E.Caregiver: Cynthia E.

Always smiling and willing to do those long awake care shifts. Cynthia is at her best when working the much needed hands on hospice cases. Cynthia’s addicting smile and her positive personality are exactly why she is perfect for any hospice client. Cynthia’s ability to connect with her clients and their families during their last days together make her a very special caregiver. A hospice situation can be stressful and tiring for the family, Cynthia works very hard to ease that stress and tiredness so the family can spend quality time with their loved one before they pass. We are very lucky to have Cynthia on our HCA team.

Tricia W.Caregiver: Tricia W.

When we think of Tricia we think of “Ms. Congeniality”. She always warms the room with her beautiful smile and kind words. Her clients love her and she does everything to make them feel comfortable and secure with her in their home. Tricia is very dependable and our clients have come rely on her for their complete home care. Tricia always maintains a level of professionalism that sets the example for other employees.

DeniseCaregiver: Denise

Denise first became a caregiver when she began taking care of her grandfather in hospice care. Based on the joy she felt in her heart, she knew caregiving was her calling. What she likes most about being a caregiver is knowing in her heart that she helped someone else and is proud to have been part of their transition. When not caregiving, Denise enjoys sewing, knitting, and most importantly, curling up on the couch to read a good book!

KarenCaregiver: Karen

Karen became a caregiver because she wanted to do something giving and caring and she feels that it was one of the best decisions she’s made! She enjoys being able to maintain the clients’ homes to their standards and learning about where the paths of life has taken them. She loves fulfilling their expectations, whether in their home, out shopping, going to lunch with their family, friends. In her spare time, she volunteers for charities, loves to garden and visit antique stores.

FeliciaCaregiver: Felicia

As her grandparents aged, Felicia loved helping them out when they needed it and would like to help others in this way. Caring for a client puts her heart at ease knowing the work she’s doing has the potential to make a huge difference in someone’s life. When she’s not at work, she loves being outdoors, exploring new places, hiking, traveling and being with family.

KalebCaregiver: Kaleb

Taking care of family members is what led Kaleb down the path of knowing he wanted to be a nurse. Kaleb feels that being a caregiver is a great step to take on his journey to becoming a nurse. He finds being a caregiver to be incredibly rewarding and loves to help others. While new to New Mexico, he spends his spare time working on his house and visiting all the good hiking and nature trails NM.

RuthCaregiver: Ruth

Knowing that she can make a change in someone’s life is what made Ruth decide to become a caregiver. She finds being a caregiver to be really fulfilling and she enjoys helping her clients’ every day go by easier with her by their side, helping them feel safe. When not working, Ruth loves dancing and her favorite season is Baseball season!

LiliaCaregiver: Lilia

Watching her own family members age and sustain injuries caused Lilia to become a caregiver. What she enjoys about caregiving is the self-satisfaction of helping someone, giving them company and creating a safe place for them. The client’s appreciation for providing immediate care for their physical and emotional needs is her reward. She also loves introducing something new or different for her clients that they may enjoy, such as a new dish or meal. When not working, one of her favorite hobbies is running. Not only does it alleviate stress, but it also gives her more energy to happily do everything!

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