Why Should Seniors Eat Dragon Fruit?

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What Are the Benefits of Pitaya?

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Pitaya are more commonly referred to as dragon fruit. These strange looking fruits grow on a species of cactus that originated in Central and South America. Dragon fruit was imported to other countries and is now a common staple of the Asian diet. Florida and Hawaii also farm and harvest the exotic fruit. Dragon fruit is red and green or yellow in color on the outside and closely resembles artichokes. Low in fat and calories, the soft white, pink or red flesh is highly nutritious. Here are few reasons hourly Albuquerque caregivers should encourage seniors to eat this unusual fruit. 

Contains Vitamins B and C

Pitaya contains trace amounts of B vitamins, which are necessary for healthy cell membranes and nerve cell communication, which can delay the onset of cognitive disorders, and therefore, the need for Albuquerque dementia home care. Additionally, pitaya contains 21 milligrams of vitamin C. This nutrient boosts the immune system and promotes healing. Along with betalains, polyphenols and other chemical compounds, vitamin C also acts as a powerful antioxidant that interferes with the aging process, cell deterioration and cancer cell growth. 

Provides Essential Minerals

Each fruit provides 1.9 milligrams or 10.6 percent of the recommended daily amount of iron, 22.5 milligrams or 2.3 percent of phosphorus and 0.9 percent of daily calcium intake. These essential minerals are necessary for the body to function more efficiently.

Contains Fiber

Dragon fruit provides three grams of fiber or 12 percent of the daily recommended requirements. The fleshy fruit pulp and the edible seeds help fight constipation and offer a mild laxative effect. The fruit also contains probiotics that keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy by providing an ideal environment for normal intestinal bacteria.

Boosts Hydration

Similar to watermelon, dragon fruit is approximately 90 percent water. Consuming dragon fruit is a wonderful way for seniors to supplement their daily hydration needs, especially if they don’t drink enough water throughout the day.

Fruits like pitaya give seniors the necessary nutrients to live active and healthy lives. To learn more about healthy foods for seniors, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Albuquerque. We are a reliable provider of elder care in Albuquerque that encourages seniors to eat healthy meals and exercise regularly to support overall wellbeing. Additionally, our friendly caregivers assist seniors with daily activities such as laundry, housekeeping, meal preparation, and more. Contact us at 505-798-0800 today to learn more about our flexible live-in and hourly services and schedule a free consultation.

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